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April 20, 1979 - July 24, 2004
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  • Thank You from Logan's Family: "...we extend our deepest thanks."
  • Thanks for posting. We now have over 100 memories and 25 pictures from the loving people that are connected to our community. Lots of people say these memories are helping them.

  • The purpose of this website is to allow everyone to contribute to a public memory of Logan Strickland. Please submit your own memories of Logan, and then read the comments from others. We love you Logan.

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    Pictures submitted by Kristina Beaulieu

    The Memorial (7/28/2004)

    So many people poured in and out of the chapel.
    You can't tell from this picture because it was taken early, but by 7pm there were enough people to fill the room twice.

    The Paddle Out @ 13th St. (7/31/2004)

    More than 100 friends and family gathered Saturday morning.

    Everyone lined up their boards.

    Simultaneously, all the surfboards hit the water.
    They formed a line and set their flowers sailing.

    Like memories, flowers washed up on shore one by one, but some stayed with the ocean.

    13th street (Updated Daily)
    Logan's Favorite Surf Spot

    Thanks to 16streets.com

    Below is the webpage Logan wanted for his birthday. He said, "Make me a webpage with a happy picture of me and a crazy robot."

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