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RD Awbrey  
Thursday, 12. August 2004 15:01 Host: secfwopc.sec.gov

I last saw Logan in March at Taco City when I was down for a visit. We spoke of his father, who was a friend, and how big he'd grown, no longer the little boy I once knew, we spoke of carrying on his fathers legacy in the board making business. I was impressed by his seeming maturity and his plans to keep Strickland Surfboards going. It was a major shock to the system when Capt. Barry called and gave me the news. My condolences and sympathy to his family in Lakeland and many friends in Cocoa Beach. Vaya con dios.
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Wednesday, 11. August 2004 20:20 Host: host-209-214-39-172.coi.bellsouth.net Send E-mail

I really miss Logan. It's been a few weeks, now it's settling in. I'm always going to miss him. People ask about him and the only word I can say is "irreplaceable". I guess this a place to share memories, but I can't think of my favorite. One will not get out of my mind though. Years back we had a west wind for what seemed like months straight. Everyone was going nuts. No waves unless it was a serious ground swell to push through the wind. Log and me found these really big boards that had enough volume to float us just standing on them. First we tried towels, then trash bags. We ended up just using our arms. We let the wind blow us out on these really big boards. We were trying to see who could stay up the longest. Before we knew it we were out really really far. The only thing we could make out was the steeple of the church at eighth street. We started paddling back. Mullet were popping, Tarpon were rolling, and birds diving everywhere. It really un-nerved me. Log looks over and just says, "We'll be fiiiiine". I trusted him very much when he said that, and indeed we were. Looking back I know why I did. Logan did so many things good. From making any little kid laugh happier than if Santa himself appeared out of thin air, to taking the time to listen to any body about anything they had to stay. Log also really had a way with telling you how it was, and his opinion, regardless of what it was you wanted to hear. In a way I feel like Logan was a real protector. No one who ever met him could say that he did nt make them feel comfortable. The kid had so much character I can't really describe it. All in all, I really miss Logan and hope his mom, Bob, Kyra, Bob P., Nathan, Brian, and his extended family of friends know how much we all admired what a fine job they did with Logan.
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merritt island,fl
Wednesday, 11. August 2004 17:16 Host: dialup- Send E-mail

I had a small crush on Logan for all the years he worked with my mom at Taco City but never would come out and let him know. That was until the summer of 99 and I was moving to Tennessee. I gave him my # and he called like 10 min later. We hung out for the next 3 months nearly every day. I have so many great memories of Logan but would like to share one of my favorites. The Joker by the Steve Miller Band is one of my favorite songs that summer and after about a month of hanging out he took me out on the beach and sang and played it on his guitar to me. After telling him how sweet he was he said he wasn't finished and told me to close my eyes. Well as I did that he picked me up over his right shoulder and threw me in the ocean. We sat out there laughing and wrestling in the water for a long while. It is a moment I will always treasure. TC will not be the same with out you. I am glad to see that you are finally with your dad again. See ya......
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Tom D  
Wednesday, 11. August 2004 08:41 IP: Send E-mail

Peace, young bro, peace.
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Walker D  
Tuesday, 10. August 2004 07:57 IP: 229.orlando-04-05rs.fl.dial-access.att.net

One of my last memories of Logan was from the Cottage Pub last year. He met my girlfriend for the first time and she looks much younger than she really is. Logan, in his humorous sarcasm, began to question whether or not she was old enough to go to rated R movies. I debated with him over her age, and even after I showed him her id, he responded with "You did a great job on that id!" Of course, he was grinning from ear to ear the entire time and we both had a great laugh.

Logan we all miss you and love you very much!!!!!! There is peace in my heart to know that you and Bob are together once again. We are all very lucky to have crossed paths with both you and your dad.
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Tuesday, 10. August 2004 07:27 Host: user-0cal9ru.cable.mindspring.com

hope u find that perfect wave logan
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Ross Cisneros  
Tuesday, 10. August 2004 00:38 Host: user-uinj41d.dialup.mindspring.com Send E-mail

I remember everthing. Biting down on salty cast nets and spinning it out into the shallow water, you (Logan) laughing after every remark you made, those classic b&w broad stripe baggies we all admired (or so we thought) because we were all just admiring your classic disposition, posture, and goodness- I swear I saw you on the beach last week with that old RS shape you sold me- (the built in grab-rails) thanks for stopping by north country.

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Kermit Evetts  
Monday, 9. August 2004 20:14 Host: host-216-78-122-60.coi.bellsouth.net Send E-mail

I got ready to sign, and i read Volland's heartfelt entry, and i think he said it all.
God Bless you each and every one.

"Time takes a mothers' son,
sends him out to sea...
Time leaves his lovely lady
waiting on his landfall...

Time sends a man to sea
to close upon his destiny...
A mothers' son, a waterman,
and we're waiting on his landfall..."

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Kyle Ruddick  
San Francisco
Monday, 9. August 2004 17:15 Host: cacheflow2.lucasfilm.com Send E-mail

I feel like I’m too often hit with bad news from home…to hear of Logan’s passing is definetly pain’s me… I can’t imagine driving by his old place at 13th street and him and Bob not being there. I feel a little in denial just like I did with Bob.

Some things I’d like to share:

Logan sold me my 1st long board when I was in ninth grade. He had this nine foot, six channel swallow, with a green stripe that reminded people of Charlie Brown. Before I could afford to buy a longboard, I used to ride my bike down to 13th street in hopes of barrowing one from Stephen(Slater) or Logan…I particularly liked the Charlie Brown Board. Eventually I got hooked on Longboarding and with a little help from my dad was finally able to buy Charlie Brown off of Logan for $200. I learned to nose ride and cross step on that board. I also won my 1st surf contest on it. For that alone I will forever be grateful to Logan and his father who shaped the board.

Logan always smiled a deep grin combined with a goofy laugh. He was a good hearted guy who had a way of making me feel light and happy. When I was eighteen I moved to California. After being there for nine months I had my series of highs and lows that made it feel like I had been away for years. I flew back on the evening of Christmas Eve. On a whim I drove by 13th and stopped in Chris Turels place. There Logan sat comfortably on the couch. I nonchalantly sat next to him. Logan, without missing a beat, smoothly asked with a big smirk on his face “What’s up, Where you been Raze?” as if I had only been at the 7-11 for fifteen minutes. Logan’s familiar Jovial greeting somehow has stuck in my mind over the years as a symbol of my friends back home. Something always seemed grounding about being able to visit Florida and go surfing with the same group of friends I had growing up. It has always felt as if a surf session with Logan was just a few blocks down the road…You are missed Logan. You will always be remembered as a friend , a surfbuddy, and a smile.
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Jacob Walding  
Monday, 9. August 2004 09:45 Host: cf1.c189.t7.mrt.starband.net

RIP my friend. I'll take the memories growing up on 13th street with me through life. In my eyes this is not the end but only the begining of the next session. When it my time to join everyone that has passed, I hope you will be there with that smile to greet me and be ready for our next session. Until then peace brother.
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phil rooney  
Monday, 9. August 2004 09:18 Host: rrcs-se-65-34-21-74.biz.rr.com Send E-mail

I just want to say that i will miss Logan very much and I think its really special that all of you have taken time to express your feelings on this sight. Hope you found peace, Logan, and we'll see ya soon. Love
Phil, Anne, Leah, Nate
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sean volland  
cocoa beach
Monday, 9. August 2004 06:37 Host: host-216-78-225-165.mco.bellsouth.net Send E-mail

wow, another of cocoa beachs legendary surf families suffers a great loss. im not much of a funeral nor mourning person because it took way to much out of me ten years ago when dave codgen passed, and i refuse to go that deep again, but as i sit here and struggle to type with 2 fingers, tears pour down my face and snot dribbles down my chin for another face and another soul that i loved dearly is gone too soon, and for no apparent reason. Lotion(my nickname for him) i pray that you are now by bob's side and that the both of you own the perect lineup in heaven and my only solice in your passing is that now all the rest of us cocoa beacher's have another great angel in heaven to watch over us. say hi to dave codgen, nick mullons, mark foster, ryan munson,bruce valluzzi, and tell my grandmother that i love and miss her. youre a wonderful man Logan, with a hug heart, an infectious grin, and an aura of someone who exudes greatness, yet carried himself wit the utmost humility and kindness. the world has lost a great man and i have lost a great friend, god bless, god speed, and ill see ya on the otherside bro. love, the col., sean j. volland
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Todd Tharpe  
Merritt Island, Fl
Sunday, 8. August 2004 11:25 Host: adsl-18-4-73.mco.bellsouth.net Send E-mail

Cheers Logan -

May you be riding the perfect wave - thanks for all the laughs!
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Adrian Gilmore  
Cocoa Beach...6th street south
Saturday, 7. August 2004 17:38 Host: adsl-18-2-12.mco.bellsouth.net Send E-mail

We received our Thank You card from Logan's mom today and cried all over again. We THANK YOU for giving us the gift of Logan and his big heart. A week has passed since all the wonderful tributes and the thing that stands out in my mind the most is...
"This website has received almost 1500 hits which is a tribute to the fact that Logan will remain in the hearts of so many people for a long, long time to come."
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Phil Prebor  
Friday, 6. August 2004 18:55 Host: cache-dtc-ab15.proxy.aol.com Send E-mail

One of Logan's many funny (and profound) statements...
After a day of giving surf lessons to Robin and her friend Lyndsi, his shirt was sandy and wet. His answer to this? With a straight face, he said, "no big deal, shirts are overated." We all got a good laugh from it. We miss you Logan.
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Thursday, 5. August 2004 20:12 Host: adsl-11-208-13.mia.bellsouth.net

logan always brought sunshine with him when leaf and i went fishing. we always caught fish when he was with us. -- say hi to your dad, see you soon. - LOVE
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Terry Crovo Jr.  
Tuesday, 3. August 2004 12:22 IP: Send E-mail

My brothers and I have known logie our whole lives, he was our fourth brother. Logan was always the life of the room even when he was still in diapers and it's so cool to see that so many people had the pleasure to see how Logan brought so much laughter and energy anywhere he went. Logie and RS were best friends and the one thing that gives me peace in this time is just knowing that he is with Bob again Surfing, shaping and fishing.- Logan we're gonna really miss you, please tell your dad we really miss him too!! We Love you both!!

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Jessica Taylor  
Cocoa Beach
Tuesday, 3. August 2004 08:31 IP: 216-199-112-26.orl.fdn.com

Hey Logie-
We only hung out once but I had a blast! I will never forget how you tried to hit on me, you told me you liked my semi-natural hair color. Even when I made Jay swear to you it was my real color you still didn't believe me. Thats gotta be one of the funniest pick up lines I've heard. I loved it when you made Brandi have a beer at 10am after a night of drinking and how you made us laugh the whole time we were with you. Just knowing you for one night makes me sad your gone. I miss you!

Jay Silver:
I found a picture of the EXACT
moment you were talking about
(when Loag gave Brandi a beer
in the morning). I'm posting
that picture along with one
other from the night before.

Click here for a video of Logan (magic carpet ride):
Dial Up 56 K
Broadband High Speed

from Adrian Gilmore:
Jessica....thanks so much for sharing the precious video with everyone....some how playing it over and over makes the heartache hurt less and makes us smile and laugh again with good memories....thanks again for sharing.....

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Tuesday, 3. August 2004 07:14 Host: cache-gtc-aa14.proxy.aol.com Send E-mail

I remember going into Taco City, always seeing Logan behind the counter and his flirty smile and little wave at me. It was what I went there for... To see his smile. It wont be the same with out you!
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Tyler Avery  
Monday, 2. August 2004 23:39 IP: Send E-mail

I am one of nathans friends, logan was a great cook, and he was cool. i remember he made chicken with cocoanut, and that was the FIRST time i EVER liked anything about cocoanut! it was great!
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Beau and Jennifer Brooks  
Honolulu, HI
Monday, 2. August 2004 15:11 Host: gate4-hawaii.nmci.navy.mil Send E-mail

The first time I met Logan was at Teen Night at Brassy's (I don't remember if that's how you spell it) back when we were both in Junior High. Logan had long hair and was dancing with all of the girls. Some of the girls he knew from school and others he had met there that night. I am not sure how we were introduced, but somehow we met and began talking. We all hung out together, danced, and had a blast that night, which started a friendship that never faded. Throughout the years, I shared many moments of fun, laughter, and joy with Logan. Whether it was surfing at 13th, fishing, playing acoustic guitar at Chris’s house, or hanging out or going out together, Logan always added a spark of spontaneous excitement to my life and to the lives of those around him. I will always remember his smile and his mellow charisma.

For the past two years, Jennifer and me have been living in Hawaii, so the only time we get to see Logan was when we would come home to visit. We will never forget our last days with him at the Fair, the Cottage, and at Sean’s Halloween Party, but we had no idea that they would be our last. Jennifer and myself shared so many great times with him before we left home and during every visit back home. We never thought that he wouldn’t be here when we came back home to live and start our family.

Early Saturday morning, I paddled out at Kewalos as the sun was rising over Diamond Head with a lei in my hand and placed it in the Pacific.

Logan…we will miss you so much. Thanks for your friendship. We will never forget all the fun times, laughter, and nights to remember we had with you. You touched our lives in so many ways. You will always be with us.
29) IP logged  Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Hotbar 
Monday, 2. August 2004 13:15 IP: Send E-mail

Hope this thought finds you and RS hangin in the perfect session............. see ya there one day,
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James Salmon  
Sunday, 1. August 2004 23:13 IP: Send E-mail

Logan was probably a better friend to me than I was to him, but we always had fun together. Logan surely fell into the same group with the Silver brothers, Beau and Jay, as a brother. I'm not sure how long I knew Logan, but I know I had known for at least seven years, since I had recovered from traumatic episode that forced me to start my life over again. So, in a way I had known Logan my entire life. He was always ready to cheer me up, either at TC or anywhere else I saw Him. I am positive I would not have turned out the way I am if it were not for Logan, his smile, and his wonderful personality. Logan, the beach will never be the same without you.
27) IP logged  Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98) 
Sean O'Hare  
Sunday, 1. August 2004 21:14 IP:

26) IP logged  Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98) 
Sean O'Hare  
13th street where else?
Sunday, 1. August 2004 21:12 IP: Send E-mail

Logan and I got motivated one day about 5 or so years ago and decided to put this bench in at 13th Street. For those of you who know the street you know that there is a big vacant lot, empty except for a few trees. It can NEVER be built on. Thats what they say anyway. This lot and the placement of trees on it was begging for a Palapa. You know a beach shack or Tiki hut or something. Well we (Logan and I) figured the city would just tear anything we built down so instead we just trimmed the trees into a small hammock and put a bench in. The board in the backround was just some old junker I had lying around the yard. Logan took charge of the PHD (Post hole digger) and wahla we had a secret hide out. A room with a view. A few months or maybe a year later the state used the area as a stageing ground for the beach renourishment project, and wahla it was no more. We laughed about it a few times after that and said we were gonna rebuild and do a bigger a better job this time but we never got around to it. I'll have to do it myself now, or likely with the help of some of his close friends. It'll be named Logan's Lookout. I'll think of him every time I'm there.

Sean O'Hare

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