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Kyra Strickland  
Sunday, 2. January 2005 19:29 IP: --> Send E-mail

I miss not being able to celebrate with my brother this year, I always remember when we had a little to much fun, we would wake up & he would say "hhhhuuuurrtinnn" & laugh. This is a pic our Grandma took of him about a year ago. Love you Log.
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Chad King  
Friday, 31. December 2004 21:43 Host: h-67-101-27-144.nycmny83.dynamic.covad.net Send E-mail

Today is New Years Eve, Logan and I spent an amazing one together a few years back. From when I first met him in 96', he was always honest, warm, and a fucking good friend. I miss him alot and 2005 ain't gonna be the same without him around.. Be well man.....
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Mike Bohak  
Tuesday, 28. December 2004 13:12 IP: Send E-mail

Today is my Birthday and Loagz definitely would have been one of the first people I would have called up to be my wingman, recruit some girls, and get into what Loagz would have described as "a controlled state of disorderly conduct". Definitely realizing the importance he had in our lives this time of year as well as any.

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Kathy Patria  
Titusville FL
Saturday, 25. December 2004 09:28 IP: Send E-mail


I miss you this Christmas, but no more than I miss you everyday of my life. I love you beyond my body, beyond my mind, beyond my soul and beyond time.
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Linda Toral  
Gainesville, FL
Thursday, 23. December 2004 08:52 Host: lmtoral.cns.ufl.edu Send E-mail

The holidays are difficult. I think about Logan a lot these days. My thoughts are with you, Kyra, Kathy, Nathan, and Bob. I know this is a very hard time for you. Logan spent part of his day with Chris and Angelina and me for many Thanksgivings, Christmases, and Easters. After Angie and I moved to Gainesville, he always gave us a call on those occasions. He was so thoughtful. He was so much a part of our family. I will miss hearing his voice.

Before I write more, I want to say thanks to Jay for creating and maintaining this wonderful website. Reading the postings helps a lot with healing. It is comforting to know how much Logan was loved and how many lives he touched.

I’ll share a few of my memories. The first incident occurred shortly after we moved to the beach full-time. I was substitute-teaching an eighth grade history class at Roosevelt. Logan was in that class. Some of the students were being unruly. Logan turned around and said, “Leave her alone. She’s cool.” They actually listened to him, and my day was much easier!

The most vivid memory I have of Logan is of the many, many times he burst through our front door with his surfboard and went into Chris’s room shouting, “Chris, Chris, wake up!! There’re waves!!” Of course, in later years when he lived with Chris, his clock radio would go off loudly enough to be heard down the block. But Logan slept through it. It was hard to wake him up when it was time to go to work!

When Hula came to perform in Gainesville and everyone was at the house cooking on the grill, Logan led the effort to rid my house of the floodwaters from an overflowing toilet.
He had us roll and lay down towels to form a pathway. Then he took the push broom and swept the water out the front door. He was such a leader!

And I’ll always remember the night that Logan and Ryan were playing cards with Chris and me. We decided to walk to the beach and ended up in the surf in our clothes having fun. Logan was always both helpful and fun!! He never made me feel that I was too old to have a good time with Angie and Chris and him and their friends.

Logan, I miss you a lot. Thanks for all the great memories and for always being there for the kids and me. You will be a part of us forever.
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adrian gilmore  
cocoa beach 6th to 12th street
Thursday, 23. December 2004 07:38 Host: adsl-18-4-143.mco.bellsouth.net Send E-mail

It is now Christmas with cool winds at the beach. Our telephone wires are loaded with Northern snow birds sitting just perfectly in a row. I know you are in the thick of things up in heaven helping OTHER angels decorate and doing what angels do. "You never hurt a single soul" during your short young life and that is why I know you are now with them and your Dad. I wish you had taken better care of yourself like you took care of all of us. I was mad at you at first for that but the months have let me let go of those "whys??" and I've gone on to more peaceful thoughts. Kai has tuned 5 on December 4th and when his middle name comes up he says, "I am Kai Logan Gilmore and my middle name is Logan and I was named after my Godfather Logan." You live on in a middle name, our flashes of remembering you, and when we walk on the beach. We love and miss you so very much. The Gilmore Clan
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Sunday, 12. December 2004 21:27 IP: Send E-mail

I still cant believe this, I worked at taco city for some 10 months with logan and I used to give him rides to work since he was living out in titusville, it was about a 45 minute drive and the whole time we would be talking, laughing and listening to some music. Im going to miss logan alot, its still such a shock to me, i just cant beleive it. My condolences go out to everyone in logans family, god bless you. Jay, awesome site man
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Brandi Milbourne (Channell)  
Sacramento, CA
Thursday, 9. December 2004 19:47 Host: adsl-64-168-11-219.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net Send E-mail

Logan's sister Kyra is one of my best friends. We have been friends for about 10 years. I did not meet Logan until I came out to Florida for Kyra's wedding. Logan was very nice to me and made me laugh every time I was near him. I moved in with Kyra right after the wedding for a few months and during that time Kyra & Brian & I hung out with Logan quite a bit. As I was reading what everyone else had to say about Logan I found myself agreeing with most all of it. He had such a funny little laugh and way of saying hello. I have very special memories with Logan. And as my sister mentiond the last time I came out to visit Kyra, Logan tried to teach my sister & I how to surf. Thanks Logan that is something I will NEVER forget! And thanks for the RS hat I will keep it for ever. I told Logan on the 4th of July 2001 that I wanted an RS hat and he said he would get me one but I didn't believe him so I told him I would just take his. So he said okay and gave me the hat off of his head. At the time I didn't think any thing of it but now it is something I will treasure forever. Kyra, Kathy, Bob & Nathan I can not even begin to know what you are going through. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you this holiday season and always. I am so so sorry for your horible loss. Kyra, I wish I could have been there with you through ALL of this. I am in spirit 3,000 miles away.
Love you all, Brandi
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Corrina Channell  
Sac, CA
Tuesday, 7. December 2004 14:55 IP: Send E-mail

My name is Corrina, And I met Logan in 2003 when I came to Florida with my sister Brandi. He taught us how to surf, and i will always remember how he made fun of us for saying "Hecka" Kyra, I send you my deepest sympathy And Logan, I will remember you always.
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Christi Scheirer  
Rockledge, FL
Friday, 3. December 2004 00:15 Host: cache-mtc-ab07.proxy.aol.com Send E-mail

I only had the priviledge of knowing Logan for a few months but I remember him as gregarious and very, very friendly. He laughed a lot. Because our time was short, I feel like I have missed out on knowing a really special person. In reading all the posts about him on this site, I can see how he touched the lives of so many people in so many ways. It sounds to me that Logan lived life richly and loved fully. God Bless You, Logan.

And, God Bless Kathy, Kyra, Merrick, Nathan, & Bob. May you feel the love and compassion from everyone who touched Logan's heart.
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87) Anonymous
Gender: male
Thu, December 2, 2004 14:24 Host: adsl-61-152-35.mco.bellsouth.net

I never knew Logan Strickland, but from what I have read, he sounds alot like his mother. She is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, and my heart's condolences truly goes out to her, Kyra, and the rest of their family. I know this is still an especially hard time for you all, but I hope in his memory you can be joyous one day.

86) Kyra Strickland
e-mail fishnsurf11@yahoo.com
Aim: stricklandkyra11
Gender: female
Thu, December 2, 2004 03:19 IP:

Even though I look at Logan's site everyday I have neglected to share anything of my own until now. I think it is just so hard to put into words what goes through my head each day about my brother. I have been feeling especially lonesome for his funny antics & stories lately. I don't know if it is from the holidays or being around my family more lately. I have a hard time opening up about how I have been affected by Logan & my father deaths maybe. But everytime I feel lonely for him & I read all the posts it just makes me smile. I find myself laughing & crying at the same time. He had a way of doing that to me as well. He always cheered me up no matter how upset I was I could never stay mad with him around. He was an overgrown kid! I felt like we never grew up just still treated each other like we were 6. We were sarcastic to each other always & picked on each other every chance we got. It was always who could be funnier. Needless to say he usually won. I would get mad & he would just laugh with that Logan grin. I miss having his laughter & funny remarks around but I am greatful I have those memories to share with others. I believe some people think your crazy for always talking or telling stories about whom ever you've lost, but it just gives you that comfort of reliving that closeness again. I know that no matter what happens in my life or how bad I may miss my brother & father all I have to do is remember them to have them with me. So I guess what I am trying to say is I know that the holidays are a difficult time for feelings but I am going to try to make the best I can out of this time. It doesn't mean that I will forget them, I never will. But I will try to take care of me, because I can't change what life hands me I can only change how I react to it & myself. So I will be missing my brother & father this holiday but I will have their memories close to my heart & I will try to enjoy myself for them.And Jay this site is beautiful! I LOVE YOU LOGAN!

85) Kyra Strickland
e-mail fishnsurf11@yahoo.com
Aim: stricklandkyra11
Gender: female
Thu, December 2, 2004 02:37 IP:

This is a picture of Logan in Gainsville that Michelle gave me. It just captures that look he gave so perfectly. It's

84) Kyra Strickland
e-mail fishnsurf11@yahoo.com
Gender: female
Thu, December 2, 2004 02:33 IP:

This is Logan as a toddler in Satellite Beach. Don't laugh at his suit cause I had the matching one. I think our mom did too!!!

83) Kyra Strickland
e-mail fishnsurf11@yahoo.com
Aim: stricklandkyra11
Gender: female
Thu, December 2, 2004 02:21 IP:

This is Loggie with my son Merrick (his nephew) on Merricks 1st Christmas! Logan was so great with him and they made each other laugh all the time. I don't know who was funnier to watch!

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82) Kyra Strickland
e-mail fishnsurf11@yahoo.com
Gender: female
Thu, December 2, 2004 01:58 IP:

Logan, Kyra & Nathan. Logan in the only suit he ever wore in his life. I begged him to cut his hair for months before the wedding & he shook his head no everytime I asked. Two weeks after the wedding he shaved his head! Gotta love him!!!!

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81) Kyra Strickland
e-mail fishnsurf11@yahoo.com
Aim: stricklandkyra11
Gender: female
Thu, December 2, 2004 01:55 IP:

My father Robert (Bob) & Logan on Loggies B-Day!

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80) Jenn
e-mail jenn_brunner@hotmail.com
Gender: female
Tue, November 30, 2004 22:20 Host: cache-dtc-ac10.proxy.aol.com

Logan has been on my mind so much lately. During this Holiday season I want Logan's family to know they are in my heart and I am thinking of them often. I went to taco city then timeout the other night. It just didn't feel the same. Logan is what made so many things that I use to do so often so much fun. Logan, I love you and will hold you close in my heart always.

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79) Mark Ritchie
e-mail heynow129@yahoo.com
Gender: male
Tue, November 30, 2004 10:23 IP:

God bless Logan Strickland & his family ... I did not know Logan but I learned to surf at the picnic tables & felt I have lost a friend ... when I was fourteen I lost my father & I trully understand what Logan's mother and family is going through ... all my love & prayers ... Mark

78) Jay
URL: http://jaysilver.net
Gender: male
Location: Boston
Mon, November 29, 2004 10:29 Host: h000c41bd7ac6.ne.client2.attbi.com

When we moved to Boston someone had randomly spraypainted the word "Logan" on the sidewalk by our house, and the Boston airport is named Logan Airport. Missing you.

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77) Kathy Patria
Gender: female
Thu, November 25, 2004 10:02 IP:

We miss you Logan. Mom

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76) MIke Vogel
Gender: male
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Sat, November 20, 2004 09:55 Host: c-66-177-26-206.se.client2.attbi.com

I did not know Logan but wanted to send my deepest regrets for your loss. I too have dealt with a recent passing of a best firend I grew up surfing with from the time we were 7 until just over two years ago. He went away to school in Australia and had planned to come home to begin work. Before coming home he decided to take one last surf trip to Bali. While there he went to a popular nightclub to meet some girls which is when it happened. The bar had some explosives in it that went off while my buddy Joey was inside. He got out the first time but then went back in to save his friends. The friends made it out but he never did. This was a very tough loss to swallow as he was my best friend from before I can rememeber. He also has his own website (Joemilligan.com) in which all his friends left memories and pictures very similar to Logan's website. This website is a great reflection on Logan and how special he really was. From the pictures and memories it looks like Logan had an impact on everyone he encountered. Again I'm sorry for your loss but the memories help keep both Logan and Joe living in each of us. Rest in Peace brothers.

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